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Business 102 - Ethics and Law: Finding Laws

Ken Furuta

Ken Furuta

Legal Citations


Law Citation

Laws are bound together in a publication named Statutes at Large.  They have citations that look like:

  • P.L. 107-110 ( the 110th public law passed in the 107th Congress)
  • 115 Stat. 1425 (volume 115 of the Statutes at Large, page 1425)

Both formats refer to the same law, in this case the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.  It is easiest to use the second format, 115 Stat. 1425, to find the law.

Note - before 1957 each law was called a "chapter".  A citation would like: Tennessee Valley Authority Act, ch. 32, 48 Stat. 58 (1933).

Getting Started

Search the Gale Encyclopedia of American Law if you do not have a law in mind.  The articles can give you ideas on which law to choose.

Full Text of Laws

Statutes at Large is available in the Governement Documents section in the Rivera Library.  They are also available online: